Contaminated Land


We have the technical expertise necessary to manage exposure to the regulatory and financial risks associated with contaminated land. In order to assess feasibility and satisfy the requirements of planning and, for example, the NHBC, we provide contaminated land assessment services including desk studies, intrusive investigations and risk assessments for human health, controlled waters and ground gas.

Due Diligence

Rapid liability assessments of potentially contaminated land are often required with regards to due diligence. We provide advice where concerns have been raised relating to potentially contaminated sites and provide an initial screening of the likely environmental risks associated with exposure.

Risk Assessment

We provide comprehensive assessments of the risks to controlled waters and human health from contaminant sources. Our staff are experienced in determining groundwater risks and remedial targets for contaminated sites using current risk assessment tools and appropriate bespoke software.

Remediation Services

We have considerable experience in the appraisal and selection of appropriate remediation options and technologies to ensure the most effective remedial works and fulfil the requirements of regulators and other stakeholders.  We provide remediation specifications, technical supervision services, contract administration and supervision as well as appropriate verification/validation documentation.

Environmental Protection Act: Part 2A

We have expert knowledge and experience in the legislation surrounding Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act: 1990, and provide all stages of contaminated land risk assessment for the identification and remediation of contaminated land under the Act.