Environmental Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring

We provide continuous long-term vibration monitoring through the use of fully-automated equipment to assess the significance of vibration effects in relation to adjacent structures and human response.  The remote download function of monitoring equipment and real-time alarm email allows immediate evaluation of vibration levels. We provide detailed reporting and guidance on mitigation measures to assist in reducing the potential vibration impact.

Noise Monitoring

We facilitate the provision of site noise monitoring through close ties with other consultancies to ensure compliance with Regulatory Authority requirements or specified criteria such as BS5228.  Real-time noise monitoring during construction or demolition activities enables us to report when activities are reaching nuisance levels, and also determine whether any noise complaints are valid.

Dust Monitoring

We provide dust management plans, which can be included with the site’s Construction Plan, as well as monitoring to determine the levels of dust generation during demolition and construction phases of projects. We also undertake compliance monitoring and fugitive dust risk assessments to assess nuisance effects and human health impacts.

Water Monitoring

We provide a wide range of groundwater and surface water quality monitoring, sampling and analysis services for discharge applications and to assist in complying with Environmental Permit requirements. We also assist with trade effluent monitoring applications and provide bathing water and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) discharge monitoring.

Landfill Monitoring

We develop, implement and manage gas, groundwater, surface water and leachate monitoring strategies at landfill sites in accordance with Environment Agency requirements. We produce Closure Reports, including procedures for management, monitoring and reporting during the aftercare phase with regards to landfill gas, leachate, groundwater, surface water and stability/settlement. Our extensive experience enables us to be pro-active and involved throughout the duration of projects; working and interacting fully with both the client and regulatory authorities to attain approval of works.