Our Services

Ground Engineering

We deliver a full range of ground engineering consultancy services from initial feasibility studies and ground investigations through to detailed geotechnical engineering recommendations and design.

We often act as the Expert Witness and assist with claim submissions and settlement of geotechnical based disputes.

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Contaminated Land

We provide comprehensive contaminated land consultancy services including feasibility studies, human health, controlled waters and ground gas assessments, remediation and verification services.

Our experienced staff can provide an expert witness service, offering litigation support on a variety of contamination issues.

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Materials and Waste

We assist clients in the classification of wastes for disposal or re-use of materials on site and provide comprehensive testing and advice in line with current guidance. We fulfil the role of “Qualified Person” to provide appropriate advice and documentation for managing waste materials during construction projects.

We also provide a variety of monitoring and assessment services for the waste industry to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Environmental Monitoring

We undertake an extensive range of environmental monitoring, including dust, noise, vibration, water and landfill monitoring to ensure compliance with all current regulations and standards.

Our experience enables us to provide project specific monitoring solutions to demonstrate compliance with Environmental Management Plans during construction.

Client feedback demonstrates our services are invaluable, particularly during the construction phase, in reducing and managing complaints, complying with planning conditions and permits and reducing time delays and associated costs.

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Expert Witness

We provide ‘Expert Witness’ services, assisting with claim submissions and settlement of disputes, offering litigation support on a variety of ground related issues.

We act as expert witness, reviewing and evaluating documents and formulating independent assessments.  Where there is a need to resolve disputes in court we provide oral evidence during legal proceedings

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Complementary Services

In addition to our core contaminated land and ground engineering services, we provide a range of complementary services including:

  • Technical support and studies for EIA projects;
  • Archaeology assessments;
  • Invasive species control and eradication;
  • Ground Source Heat Pump feasibility and design; and
  • Microbiological assessments.
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